2017 | Enero – Abril


Hi! I’m trying my best to post more; I don’t want my 2018 to be a backlog like 2017. I mentioned in my previous post that Kris is the only person who reads my post, but the other week I received notifications from people liking my post. You’re all cute. Thank you!


^K’s sketch of us. // My boyfriend surprised me four days after Valentine’s Day, he sent this package to my work. After my class, as I was heading back to our small teachers’ room, my co-teacher were filming me. I had no idea what was happening then. I saw the package and I just said “oh”. Not a fan of surprises but I appreciate it :)


^This was from February 2017, during the Franchise Expo. I resigned from CMA this year but I still practice my abacus/soroban.






^Crystal turquoise water of Calaguas Islands in the province of Camarines Norte, here in the Philippines. I would love to make separate posts of my travels but I don’t have cool pictures to share :(


^Boat ride to Calaguas Islands! (look at the sea behind me!!!) // your banana girl. I’m not a beach person; to be honest, I feel more relaxed when I’m just at home. Most people think that being in the Philippines means living near beautiful beaches but I grew up in the city.


Photo above is from my godchild’s baptismal, April 2017. It was very humid that day but I got to meet Jollibee and took selfies with him (photos with him aren’t posted here). Okay, bye! Sa uulitin~


You can’t just be talented… You also have to become necessary to people, by working hard and well and bringing more than your bones and your skin to the project. Don’t just show up. Transform the work, yourself, and everybody around you. Be needed. Be interesting. Be something no one else can be…and consistently.

Katharine Hepburn