Singapore: Yayoi Kusama


I’ve been a huge Yayoi Kusama fan since I saw her work online, and I’ve always wanted to see at least one of her pieces.

Honestly, I didn’t make any plans weeks before I went to Singapore (for work), I don’t wanna exhaust myself after the tiring day of our students’ competition. I just wanted to spend my free time sleeping in. I need sleep more than ever, it has been a month and a half of barely sleeping because we’ve been competing online, too. So yeah, I thought maybe I’ll just sleep and stroll a bit to buy pasalubong until I learned about Kusama’s exhibit, and it became my top priority! I won’t go back to the PH until I see her art.


I had to check out my hotel room on or before 12 noon on my last day in SG which is fine with me since my flight back home will be 1 am the next day. I left my luggage at the hotel first and told them I’ll pick it up later. I was kinda reluctant to ask for that small favor until the frontdesk officer led me to a tiny room where they put all the other guests’ luggages and suitcases. So, I brought the camera (for safety purposes) and my backpack to explore. I regret bringing that much. The camera is heavy alone, and my backpack became heavy, too, as I put all the pasalubongs I bought on my way to the museum. I had to buy an extra bag because my backpack isn’t enough. Ugh.

I went to Bugis first, checked out Haji Lane, then bought pasalubongs. Went to National Gallery which is one station away from Bugis, then went back to Bugis to meet Isabel, then, together, we went to ArtScience Museum.

DSC_1079^National Gallery Singapore. They Yayoi Kusama-fied their building!
I was literally in tears when I saw this.












My heart is very happy :)


Singapore: Art Science Museum

Forgive me, I should post in chronological order but I haven’t resized the other photos yet because it’s in my personal laptop. So, here are some photos from my recent trip in Singapore. The trip is work-related but I was lucky to have a whole day for me to go sightseeing :)

June 19, 2017 (Monday)

ArtScience Museum with Isabel, my sister’s friend back in college.
We chose to check out Future World: Where Art meets Science


^reminds me of Yayoi Kusama’s works. I went to her exhibit hours before this, and I will post it next! (what is chronological? yikes)

^oops! I got Isabel’s ticket. She has a discount because she works in SG.
The exhibit costs 17 SGD for foreigners.

^Personal favourite. There are bean bags in the middle of the room, and it’s just calming to see these waves while laying down.




DSC_1158 copy

Why did I allow myself to look like this? lmao. I literally squeezed all of my non-work related stuff in less than 24 hours. HAGGARD!

DSC_1159 copy