Yuri!!! on Ice

4 of my students recommended Yuri!!! on Ice. They said it’s hilarious but my fragile heart wasn’t prepared when I binge-watched the first 6 episodes (Season 1 has 12 episodes). Sure it’s cool and funny, but it’s so deep, I was bawling the whole time.

Creatives, athletes, performers, everyone who has their heart into something will love the show. It has the same impact as Honey & Clover did to me.

Yuri!!! on Ice is about Yuri’s figure skating career. He reminded me so much of my boyfriend, I never fully understood introverts until Yuri put it on words…


(Kris, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I tried to force my way in.)

One of Yuri’s friends said that he isn’t a genius, that he’s just a hardworking person who spends a lot of time to practice, and privileged enough to have a place where he can hone his craft. I like that part, the show is acknowledging hard work and passion. People always talk about those who were born talented and geniuses, but personally people who are working hard to be as good as those who don’t exert that much are people that needs more acknowledgment.





I just finished watching Parasyte (live-action film). I didn’t know that it’s adapted from a manga until Franz told me. My brother is the best person to ask about manga, he read almost all the mangas he could find in the internet but I don’t think he could catch up with all his reads now because he finally decided to go back to school.

(lol okay, it was written in the poster, “based on worldwide best-selling manga”. i didn’t notice it haha)

Anyway. The film is just okay, imo. The story is a combination of supernatural, psychological, and gore. The CGs are okay but I wont rate it higher than 3 (out of 5). Perhaps there is lack with the emotions; I didn’t cry on parts that I’m supposed to, lol. And I was bored in some parts. IDK.

A film critic acquaintance, rated it 5 out of 5 stars, he watched it last week at the Eiga Sai (Japan Film Fest here), I was so tempted to discuss about it to him but I can’t tell him that I only watched it on FB. I’m very sure that he will report the uploader (because he’s that kind of person) and all the videos will be deleted and that will make me and everyone else very very sad.

I’m still not sure if I like the movie because I haven’t read the manga yet. hmm. Btw, this isn’t a review, I’m just typing it here because I don’t have twitter anymore. It feels good to type whatever I want.