Singapore: Art Science Museum

Forgive me, I should post in chronological order but I haven’t resized the other photos yet because it’s in my personal laptop. So, here are some photos from my recent trip in Singapore. The trip is work-related but I was lucky to have a whole day for me to go sightseeing :)

June 19, 2017 (Monday)

ArtScience Museum with Isabel, my sister’s friend back in college.
We chose to check out Future World: Where Art meets Science


^reminds me of Yayoi Kusama’s works. I went to her exhibit hours before this, and I will post it next! (what is chronological? yikes)

^oops! I got Isabel’s ticket. She has a discount because she works in SG.
The exhibit costs 17 SGD for foreigners.

^Personal favourite. There are bean bags in the middle of the room, and it’s just calming to see these waves while laying down.




DSC_1158 copy

Why did I allow myself to look like this? lmao. I literally squeezed all of my non-work related stuff in less than 24 hours. HAGGARD!

DSC_1159 copy